Friday, October 1, 2010

Let's See How Far We've Come...

Wow, I can't believe it's been more than a month since I was on here. So much for my big plans to keep a blog going on all the changes that I was going to make to my life after my big wake-up call on August 12.

Anyway, no sense dwelling on it, it just means that I have a lot to catch up on. So much that it might take more than one post.

After my little stint in hospital, the first stint anyway, I went to see my Cardiologist. Well, he wasn't actually MY Cardiologist, he was my Dad's so I figured better the devil you know. I was supposed to have a stress test and was all eager and comfortably dressed. I sent the Other off to McDonalds with the kids so I could concentrate on passing the test (I was always a conscientious student, most of the time).

ANyway, I was all stipped off and hooked up while the technician (I guess tht's what she was called) played with the buttons on the machine. I just got my clothing back on and was looking at the display and thinking it must have been a test pattern, when she called the Dr into the room. He looked at the display monitors and said, "What? Finished the test already?"

I said, "No, I haven't been on the treadmill at all yet. Why?"

"Not at all?? You better just lay down. Who brought you here and how far away are they now?" he asked.

Panicking just a little, I said that my husband and kids were getting take-away for dinner and were about 5 minutes away. He suggested I call them right away, and to our mutual luck they were all out in the carpark already, eating in the car. They were all equally shocked to get the call to come and get me quickly.

After they all mustered themselves in, and we settled the kids in the waiting room, the Dr sat us down and delivered the verdict. It was pretty much "Go to Hospital. I hope you have Private Health Insurance. Go straight to Hospital. Do not Pass GO!!" OK. Panicking a LOT now (and crying, too, but you expect that from us girls). We had enough time to go home, phone a neighbour to look after the kids and pack a little bag before we were on the road again. This time the Hospital was 45minutes away, and they were expecting me!!

I spent 3 days in a Private Hospital and had a battery of tests including an Angiogram and a contrast CAT scan of my heart, chest, and lungs. All were good so, with no looming life threatening illnesses that could be detected, I was sent home again!!

The worst part of this little trip was the bruising. I don't kknow whether it was because I was younger than his average cardiac patient, whether it was because I try to kid myself that I am reasonably fit, or just some freaky physiological defect I might have, but it took Dr Simon 7 attempts to get the needle into my femoral artery in my groin. He tried on both sides, so at least I had matching bruises (from my bikini line about 3/4 the way to my knees on both legs). I figured that if anyone happened to see them I could suck it up and tell them that I got them riding the mechanical bull at the Texas Ranch!!

So, I was home again, and happy for it (apart from the bruising and the pain that came with that).

Thus ends Stage 2 of the beginning of my journey, and there's so much more to come. I just have to figure out a way to stop my stalkers standing over me every time I get near the computer asking, "What are you doing?", "What does that mean?", "What are you writing?", "Can we help?", "When is it my turn?".

So, to stop all the noises outside my head right now...I will see you soon. I have to get up early tomorrow morning for Boot Camp anyway, but that's a WHOLE 'nother story!!


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